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Introducing myself to people always makes me feel like I'm in group therapy...
So this is me... Hi, I’m Lee *awkward grin*

​  Born in Cape Town, South Africa, I chose photography over the repetitive nature of fashion, which was my first choice. My journey began at the Cape Town University of Technology thanks to my award-winning photo-journalist/lecturer, Zubeida Vallie.


 After a whirlwind decade experimenting with life, love and business all over the country, I re-branded and headed for the international waters of cruise line life for the next decade.


 Taking a leaf from the books of each country I visited, person I met and friend I made, I left ship-life a far richer soul than when I arrived. Whatever the next decade holds, I'm excited to share it with you and yours behind and in front of the camera 🧡📸

"Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."

- Marcel Proust


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Tel : +1 407 902 3745
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For the 



Nikon D610

Nikkor  14-24mm  f/2.8

Micro-Nikkor  55mm  f/2.8  (manual)

Nikkor  24-70mm  f/2.8

Sigma  85mm  f/1.4 Art


Ricoh  KR10  35mm

Yashica 635 Twin Lens  120mm

Kodak Tourist  620mm


Geekoto GT-200 kit

Photok 60" parobolic

Phottix 40" five-in-one

Two Meike MK-900 Speedlites

Associations and Awards

Nikon Professional Photographers 
South Africa - 2011


Photographer of the Year  

Disney Cruise Line - 2013

Professional Photographers of America  

United States - 2015

Fearless Photographers

Florida - 2017

Photographer of the Year  

Overall Cruise Line Industry - 2019

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