Cellphone Sessions

A portrait session, but with your smartphone, via video call.


Despite quarantine beginning to lift in many places around the world, a lot of people are still stuck at home, or not 100% comfortable to leave the house.

Here is an opportunity to share a fun and different experience, to document the times in a professional but socially distanced way, and moreover, creating proof that you haven't killed a family member or expressed your quaran-stration by punching a hole in the wall since March 2020.

Here's what I've been hearing over the last 5 months and why I am doing these sessions:

I'm finding things out about my husband that I didn't know after twelve years of marriage. After this, we might have to do a vow renewal!

Until they canceled graduation, I didn't think I wanted to walk, but now I realised what a difference it makes to have a proper photo in my cap and gown.

Why is this a great idea?

  • If you're not so sure about having a camera in your face, this is a great starter to the portrait experience

  • We are connecting and creating an amazing relationship from across the globe without paying airfare

  • You will be guided and posed throughout your session, so no need to think you don't know how to move, I got you!

  • You have a chance to have your "now" documented in a non-intrusive, professional, and artistic way - with you IN the picture for a change!

  • We can create anything together - personal branding, a-day-in-the-life-of, graduation... all the things.

So what is this actually? Here's the basics:

  • A simple video consultation to iron out the details:

    • Why are we doing shooting?  Special occasion, just for fun, personal branding?

    • What time of day?  We will need good natural light, so morning or later afternoon is best.

    • Where in your home?  Do you have a favorite chair, is cooking your thing?

    • Who are we photographing?  You, you and your partner, with your dog...?

    • and of course, Wardrobe... favorite colors, best looks for feeling amazing!

  • Then we'll have a one-hour remote photo shoot via FaceTime, FB Messanger or Zoom

What do I get?

You'll get 20 Social Media size images - that means, not print quality but fabulous for Instagram! - for $85​.

That's about what most people spent on take-out in two weeks.

Instead of take-out, you have amazing images immortalizing one of the most historical times in your life.

Oh, this wasn't a time you want to remember? As I said, do it to prove you didn't kill anyone in your quaran-team.

This sounds fun, sign me up!