Pictures in the Park

A complimentary portrait session in Summerport (Windermere, FL) with your furry family member for a $15 donation.

The generalized stereotype of a "FAMILY" is a married mother and father and two human children. Merriam-Webster Dictionary says:

In many legal contexts, family denotes “individuals related by blood, marriage, or adoption.”

So a family, in my (and Merriam-Websters) opinion, is any two or more entities who care for one another as they would themselves.

  • You and your furbaby

  • Single mother and child

  • Step-father come widower and his two stepdaughters

  • Two moms and their five internationally adopted children, their 2 dogs, tortoise and hamster

  • Husband and wife, adult daughter and her husband, two adult sons, one of their girlfriends, and a friend you met on a ship six years ago, quarantined in one house.... yup, that's me, we're a family.


Should a participating family refer a buddy, the family may choose an additional high-resolution digital image. In other words, bring 5 buddies who participate, get 5 more images. 

So what's this all about?

  • Bookings are available until May 29th, 2020. 

  • These complimentary sessions will be in and around the Summerport, FL area parks unless otherwise arranged.

  • I will contact you to arrange a consultation after I receive your information below, during which we will iron out the details of your portrait session.

  • Your session includes one high-resolution digital image, on receipt of the $15 donation via Pay Pal, and an entry into the draw on May 30th.

  • You are welcome to make purchases, outside of the project participation, which will be at regular pricing. Options are listed here and will be discussed during our consultation.

  • These sessions have a value of $490 each. This is made up of a $350 booking fee and a $140 digital image.

Any and all are welcome to participate with their pets for as long as there is availability.

Your Donations:

All participants will be listed on my website. Should you not wish to be named, the list will say 'Anonymous', however, you will still be part of the draw.

I will do a draw on May 30th from the list of participants, the winner will choose one of the two (or both) organizations to receive the donations.

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Please tell me more about you and your pet

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